Sunset in the marshes

Sunset in the marshes

What time is it?

“EGO Time”  is an expression that one of my Uncles told me about when I was a kid. EGO is an acronym for “Evening Glass-Off” and it is pronounced by sounding out each letter E, G, O. Not “eggo” like some Kellog’s waffle…

It’s that special time when being on the water (or near it) becomes magical. The first time he explained it to me it was just before dusk, when the lake became placid and mirror-like. It made such an impact on me, I never forgot it.

Honestly, sometimes I apply it liberally to mean “happy hour” after a rough day… But either way, for me it represents a time to slow down, put hectic things aside and focus on being alive, in love and what’s important in life.

There are also tough times in life when EGO Time is really needed, and so I wanted to dedicate a new page to my brother who I hope finds lots of good EGO Time with his son and everyone close to him.
“What time is it?”