Easter weekend is a great time to reflect on the importance of family. If you have young kids, grand kids, nieces or nephews, you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time with them this weekend. One way or another, most people have at least one “kids event” of some kind this Easter weekend.

Nahuel Huapi

Nahuel Huapi

I’m not sure kids can appreciate the concept of EGO Time since they don’t need to seek it out and be reminded to “smell the roses”.

The picture here is from a trip my family took to Villa La Angostura in 2006. The kids wanted to fish and kept asking me if we could fish off the dock near the cabin we were staying in. They were still too small to use fly fishing gear, but my son had his open-faced reel and rod, and we happened to have one Rapala lure. I tried to explain (using adults’ logic) that we wouldn’t likely catch anything. The conditions weren’t right, the lure wasn’t right, etc. As I was making this argument, I could see in my kids faces that they were just waiting to find out if all this explanation really meant “yes” or “no”.

So we rigged up the line and we spent two hours just living the moment that you see in the picture. My son, who is three years older than her sister, was all the while explaining to her the fishing conditions, how to retrieve and cast. She observed, asked questions and sang little songs she either knew or would make up. They were just happy to be there with me and with each other. (The conditions were right after all, but they were the conditions for something I hadn’t expected.)

For me it was a great lesson about fishing and about life. Kids don’t really care about the practical end-result. They just care about the living moment. They’re naturally wired this way, and that, for me, is what each opportunity to spend time with my kids and each opportunity to spend time fishing, is all about. And as much as children (or good friends and family) can provide us with moments of NGO Time, we shouldn’t forget that we can do the same for them.

Have a great weekend, and may you find a little NGO Time!