What is fly-fishing? How is it different from bait casting or fishing with lures? What are the mechanics of casting with a fly rod and reel?

Since I’m still working on a write-up of a recent trip to Valle Hermoso and the “Cordillera” in Mendoza, I thought I’d share something that might serve as both instructional and as entertainment over the weekend.

Some time ago Orvis produced some 40+ short videos on fly fishing. They all look like they were produced in the 80’s, and the guys who do the instruction look pretty nerdy, but then again it probably means they know what they are talking about.

These videos were a great help to me on many aspects of fly fishing and got me over some hurdles that might have otherwise discouraged me from the sport. All the videos are a few minutes in length, so you get plenty of info without feeling like you’re sitting in a class.

If you enjoy these videos, please let me know. Leave me a comment and tell me if you’d like me to post more. There are over 40 so I can sort through the ones I think are most useful for immediate application (in other words, you can watch, learn and use in the same afternoon). If you want more right away, don’t wait for me. Visit YouTube.com and search for “Fly Fishing Lessons” and you’ll find several links to all the videos.

Warning: This can become addictive… 😉