The Ministry of Ecology, Renewable Natural Resources and Tourism in the province of Misiones, prohibited fishing (sport and commercial) in the Uruguay River yesterday.

The prohibition will last until the water level rises and conditions improve.

Rio Uruguay in Missiones

Rio Uruguay in Misiones

Argentina has been suffering from a drought for many months throughout the country and this is one more example of the impact it is having on the country. It has also had a serious effect on crops and livestock.

In any case, locals can still fish for “substance” since there are many indigenous people living throughout the province. For this reason, locals can still fish with a “hand held line” [linea de mano] and only from the coastline or from a rowing canoe.

The sad reality is that due to lack of enforcement and a strong campaign regarding conservation means that locals and Paraguayans, who are not considered under the jurisdiction of the “Fauna” (Fish and Game) authorities, will continue to use netting and other means to catch more fish than they can eat, in order to sell them in local markets.

This is a disappointing and ongoing problem in Argentina’s poorer and lesser known provinces. The lack of understanding leads to less likelihood of fishing tourism in these provinces.

Golden (freshwater) Dorado

Golden (freshwater) Dorado

Provinces like Misiones and Corrientes are home to a huge variety of fish (such as Golden Freshwater Dorado, Pacú and others) that could support and draw fishing and eco-tourism in greater numbers than is currently the case. But until there is money in the provinces to fill gas tanks for Fish and Game authorities and awareness greater awareness about preservation, these regions will continue to be there own worst enemies.