It’s funny how there are some things that never leave you.

Whenever I think about going fishing in Canada, I always get this little tune in my head that starts with… drums please!

I’m currently planning a fishing trip to Canada in 2010 with at least 30 of my closest friends and family, and lately I haven’t been able to get that tune out of my head… but it’s quite alright. For me it’s kind of like “Canada Trip” theme music. I wasn’t old enough to see this commercial first hand, but I certainly saw later versions. By themselves the commercials wouldn’t have made such an impression on me.

My uncle Paul is the reason behind this musical memory. He used to sing the jingle at any given moment. We could be fishing, driving or even playing cards and he’d suddenly turn, look right at me and break into the beat, pounding on my leg or on the table and start singing… “From the land of Sky Blue Waters [waters]…” then as quick as he started, would go back to playing his hand.

I don’t think Hamms Beer was ever part of the provisions on all those trips I took with my father, uncles and cousins as a kid. There was always plenty of Molson and Labatt’s, and an attempt to settle the debate on which brand of beer is better was carried out through nearly constant guzzling taste tests, even to this day. Those are fun memories too. Nothing sticks with you and can generate almost total recall like a smell, taste or a tune.

My circa 1977 Monster Pike

My circa 1977 "Monster" Pike

Just hearing the music again turns my thoughts to the monster Pike [for a 9 year old] I caught, with my cousin Mario, on a chartreuse Daredevil spoon he’d used all morning and told me wouldn’t catch anything. It never caught another thing, but I still have it in my tackle box. Or the time that my uncle Jim was out alone on his boat and didn’t return for hours after dark, and when he finally showed up, his first words were “Wait ’til you see this S.O.B.!” grinning from ear to ear.

My palms get sweaty and my heart starts to click a little faster when I think about all those moments that live on in stories told [and to be repeated] around the card table during the next trip in 2010. Next year my boy will be 10 and  joining the group for the first time. He’s about the age I was when I started the (men only) semi-annual fishing trips to Canada. I wonder what he will recall 30 some years from now and if he’ll be preparing for an upcoming trip, singing a little tune he can’t get out of his head.

I still don’t know what “Bumpy Balsams” are though…