There were a lot of interesting articles that I read this week and of all the things that I came across the most unusual, yet memorable was the Lakemaid Beer posters that seem to be more and more popular on fishing blogs. So, not to be left out, I thought I’d share one.

Interesting concept really… I can imagine anyone of us fishermen sitting around a cabin after a day on the water talking about life and how to get ahead in the world. Slowly the conversation turns from one subject to another until they all come together in one of those “moments of clarity” that come with a second trip to the fried fish leftover from dinner, and a sixth trip to the cooler for a cold brew… and someone says, “You know, if we could somehow market beer, fishing and women in a single product, we’d make a fortune!”

Followed by the response, “That’s probably the only way you’d ever mix beer, fishing and women!”

Miss Walleye

Miss Walleye

But I’ve always thought there was something kind of fishy about mermaids… (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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