Steamed Pike with Dried Tomatoes, Pine Seeds, and Olive Oil


  • 12 scallops of Pike (60gr a piece)
  • 1 Cup Olive oil (I prefer standard or Virgin versus Extra-Virgin)
  • 3 dried Tomatoes
  • 2 spoons Pine nuts
  • 3/4 Cup White Wine (your choice, I like S. Blanc)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 Tsp minced parsley

Season the scallops of pike and steam them 4 minutes.

To prepare the sauce heat the olive oil and roast the thin sliced tomatoes. Add the pine seeds and roast them lightly.

After adding the white wine reduce it all. Before seasoning the sauce add the chopped parsley.

Arrange the scallops on the plates and drape it with the sauce. Serve with side of braised strips of leek and vegetable pearls.