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I wanted to share this story with everyone visiting my blog. I think it is a perfect example (at least for me) of one of the great components that characterize fishing, or any activity where you need to use both your hands AND your head.

The following brief story was shared with me by someone who for me has always had a great head on his shoulders and was, and is, a role model for me in many ways.


American Ingenuity and 100 MPH Tape

With a little duct tape (or a lot), and some one who knows how to use the most widely renowned product for improvising…… anything is possible.

During a “fly-in” fishing excursion in the Alaskan wilderness, the charter pilot and his fishermen left, by accident, a cooler with sandwiches, cookies and bait in the plane.  No surprise (as there are more bears in N Minnesota, Canada and Alaska than there are people)  ……. a bear smelled it.  Well……. You all are outdoor people,  so you know what to expect from the cuddly little black bear!!!   Check it out……… This is what he did to the plane in less than 4 hours.

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Fishing Buddy

I’ve been working a lot lately. That doesn’t mean I’ve been making a lot of money, but sometimes you have to put the time in first, instead of the very common philosophy that “when they pay me more, I’ll work more”.

Elbow grease for future reward is kind of a code I’ve tried my best to live by (being only human of course) since my Grandma Jessie said something that stuck in my mind… well, actually I think it must be burned in there because I heard it as a kid and after adolescence and the experimentation that goes with it it’s a wonder those brain cells still exist… Continue reading

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