I’ve been working a lot lately. That doesn’t mean I’ve been making a lot of money, but sometimes you have to put the time in first, instead of the very common philosophy that “when they pay me more, I’ll work more”.

Elbow grease for future reward is kind of a code I’ve tried my best to live by (being only human of course) since my Grandma Jessie said something that stuck in my mind… well, actually I think it must be burned in there because I heard it as a kid and after adolescence and the experimentation that goes with it it’s a wonder those brain cells still exist…

But getting back on subject… one day my Grandmother (rest her soul) said something I’m sure she repeated from time to time and may not have intended it as a lesson for me, but none the less, here I am mentioning it. Ok, ok, no more adieu… the phrase was:

Work is to the worker and much returns to him.

I did a Google search trying to find this phrase to be sure I had it right. I found it somewhat ironic that I didn’t come up with 1000 hits. In fact, I didn’t come up with a single one. (If you know the phrase – or find it, send me your version.)

4 wheel fishing buddy

4 wheel fishing buddy (note the rod holder on the front)

Anyway, getting to my ORIGINAL point… I’ve been working a lot lately trying to generate new projects and new business opportunities. Working for myself, this has become part of my normal career activity, and as a result, over the last few months I’ve had to put fishing and fish-blogging aside. (you may have noticed if you visit with any frequency)

B is for... Boston? Bass?... Buddy?

B is for Boston? Bass?... Buddy?

So, a very small return to that side of my world recently involved a beautiful summer morning (summer in this hemisphere) and washing up a “fishing buddy” while thinking about future fishing trips with my newest-and-best-ever “fishing buddy”.

Maybe because I was raised in the States, or maybe because I don’t sleep well in the first place, or perhaps its just my nature, but I’m an early riser. I must admit, I like the peace of an early morning.

Quiet | Soft light | Clarity of thought | Freshness of air
Infinite opportunity in the finite hours ahead.

So I rose early a few days ago with the thought of a fishing trip in my head that I’ve been organizing for the last year with over 40 family members and friends. (We have 27 confirmed so far…) And one person in particular is the key for me to really make the most of this trip. My 10 year old son. “G” has never been on one of our not-so-annual, annual family fishing trips to Canada. This will be the first of what I hope are many trips with me and with his family to reconnect with each other, with nature and with himself.

Fishin' Bud

Anyway, that morning a few days ago, was my latest opportunity to reconnect with my passion of fishing, through my hobby (my “toy” if you will) and my boy.

He was fast asleep, by the way… but he’s a faster riser than I am when he knows we’re going fishing…