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Local fishing guide, Claudio “El Vasco” Huebra, sent in some information about the Río Negro and his services, working primarily the area around the city of Neuquén.

Río Negro

This River is born out of the convergence of the Limay and Neuquén rivers in the western part of the country, and after crossing the entire province (the entire country in fact) from west to east, it quietly empties into the ocean (Mar Argentino). Like most rivers that traverse big valleys, its course isn’t through turbulent and rough waters, it is actually calm… yet awesome!!

Rio Negro

The species that inhabit these waters are the Rainbow, Brown (not many yet, since they were just stocked this year), Patagonian “pejerreyes”, Perch and Carp (which less known here).

In the Alto Valle (upper valley) we fish mostly Bows and pejerreyes… and the occasional Brown when they are in the mood for our flies… there are also Carp, but these are a relatively new species for us… we are testing out different flies, and a few have been successful!!

For catching Bows and Browns, we use #6 rods, WF or ST Fast II to V, and steamers that are no larger than No 6.

El Vasco

There are lot of pejerreyes, and these are not only a primary food source for the Rainbow and Brown, but they also very attractive for fly fishing!!! The ideal set equipment are #3 or #4 rods, floating WF or DT (best)  lines, and leaders no less than 12 feet, with 5X tippet.

Patagonian “pejerrey"

Carp – the only one I was able to catch was on WF wet tip and black with red headed Rabbit, and what a fight!!! They pull hard and although this one was just under 6 lbs. a previous catch weighed just under 30 lbs!!

In sum, this river has its enigmas, magic and stories to tell… I invite you to discover them.

Guided trips, from various points on the southern coast of the Río Negro, from Allen (Puesto Sánchez) to General Roca (La Palangana), include:

  • Transport to/from Gral. Roca
  • Pickup from your hotel, hostel, or other lodging
  • Although we will provide you with our recommendations, the start and finish of your fishing day are worked out based on your preferences and needs.

Modality: Fly Casting

Fishing access: coastal and wading.

Recommended equipment: #3 to #6 rods, Line: WF o DT-F (recommended), WF or ST-S Fast II & IV.

We strictly conform to the Patagonian Continental Fishing Regulations, and clients are responsible for obtaining the appropriate fishing license.
We do not offer equipment for rent but can provide information about where you may inquire.

Contact details:

• Cellular Phone: 02941-649195
• E-mail: claudiohuebra@yahoo.com.ar
• Skype: claudiohuebra

Ask me about other rivers, such at the Limay, Zones  I, II & III.

Un abrazo y los espero!

El Vasco

Fly casting for Golden Dorado - Goya, Corrientes

Fly casting for Golden Dorado - Goya, Corrientes

This week’s PoW features a fishing guide (Javier) from Goya in the province of Corrientes. This beautiful shot is from the photography gallery of fishing guide and nature photographer Terry Gunn.

Terry has graciously given SFA access to his galleries and I plan to share his work from time to time on the PoW posting.

Please visit Terry and tell him you heard about him here on SFA. Continue reading

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