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“Tied with pride, fished with attitude”, the new edition “Issuu 5” of Baltic Pike Flies is out and exceeding my expectations. I’m proud to say I’ve had the pleasure of using these flies, and can tell you that they look and move as good in the water, as they do on your computer screen. In his own words…

Baltic pike flies Issue 5 has been a while in the making but I finished it last night. When you do something like this you suddenly realise how much time and effort must go in to producing quality productions like “This is fly”, “Catch Magazine”, SID, Bloodknot to name but a few. Anyway I hope you all enjoy it. Best viewed in full screen mode.

– Simon Graham

Simon has outdone himself once again!!

Baltic Pike Flies

Issuu 5

Baltic Pike Flies: Issuu 5

Kvarken IPFT

The Kvarken International Pike Fly Fishing Tournament was held earlier this month in Eumer Fishing Center, Merikarvia, Finland. Check out the results.

Congratulations Simon on a successful tournament. I hope I can’t join the next one and how you boys how it is really done.

My fellow blogging pal Simon is a really talented artist (Check out: BPF#3). His fly tying skills, and blogging skills are only matched by his enterprising spirit. In addition to having a passion for fly fishing in common, we are also both living abroad and trying to take advantage of every moment! Simon is an English born South African, but lives on Replot Island in Finland. (Hoe gaan dit, Simon?) I guess we’ve both exchanged hemispheres, but I have to give him credit for standing up to the cold. I don’t envy him that, but I do envy his access to Northern Pike on a regular basis.

So when I saw the news about the the Kvarken International Pike Fly-Fishing Tournament, I thought, no way – too far, besides, my blog is about Sport Fishing Americas, not Scandinavia! So why did I then find myself checking my calendar? Hmmm…. I will be working in Africa and Asia around that time. Perhaps I could just pop-in. It’s only 3 days after all, my wife would understand, right? But then I noticed a real problem. Team America is “ilman varusteita!” (I think that’s Finnish for “no team“.) I mean, it wouldn’t be a very good way for them to kick off the first ever tournament of this kind with one overconfident American out-fishing all those old-world fly fishermen alone. At least we should try to keep up appearances right? Of course, if anyone wants to meet me in Kvarken, don’t hesitate to let me know!

6 Countries will battle it out for Piking Glory over 3 intense days.

America | Holland | England | Scottland | Ireland | Sweden | Finland

The tournament will be held on Replot island which is situated in the famous Kvarken World Natural Heritage Site from the 10th – 13th May 2010, & is the 1st international pike fly tournament ever to be held in Finland. The waters around Replot island are very special waters indeed. In fact the entire area and western coastline is aptly named pike paradise by the Ostrobothnian fishing association.

During spring time here, thousands upon thousands of pike can be found spawning in the shallow bays & as the area is found smack bang in the middle of the Baltic sea, water temperatures stay far cooler than closed waters like lakes, and so fishing is prevalent all through the season, from early April – late November when the sea freezes over.

As well as the prolific fishing this area has, It also has an extremely diverse set of fauna & flora. 24 endemic plant families are found on the shores of the Baltic sea, of which 16 are only found in the Kvarken Archipelago. Replot’s fauna is equally impressive with over 126 species to be found here such as Skuas, Black Guillemots, Eider ducks, Razerbills, White tailed eagle,Crane,Ural & Great Grey Owls & the endangered Scaup. Elk,White tailed deer,Bear,raccoon dog,Fox,Otter all live on the island as well.

The area is wild & rugged with over 2000 islands & skerries to fish between and around With Vision fly fishing, Eumer tube & Baltic pike flies as well as several co-operation partners from the island involved, it promises to be a fly-fishing tournament like no other.

BPF #3

Baltic Pike Flies

Issue 3

BPF Issue 3

Baltic Pike Flies: Issue 3

Reading about Northern Pike lately on some of my fellow bloggers’ sites has put me in the mood for one of the most delicious freshwater fish out there. I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Grand Marnier PikeGrand Marnier


  • Northern pike fillets
  • Flour
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cayenne
  • Butter
  • Grand Marnier
  • 1 cup milk

Mix the flour, cayenne, salt and pepper to taste in a large bowl.

Dip the pike in milk and roll it in the flour mixture.

Heat the butter in a skillet or frying pan, bringing the butter to a sizzle. Put a shot of Grand Marnier in the pan. It may flare up (which is perfect). Immediately place the fish in the frying pan with the butter and Grand Marnier. Cook about 5 to 7 minutes on each side (or until golden brown). Fish is done when it flakes with a fork.

Although, for me, nothing beats the taste of freshly caught pike during shore lunch with 10 or 20 of your close friends and family, and I’m not one to doctor up fish too much since I want to savor the true flavor of the fish itself, this is a great northern pike recipe and has an orange undertone that is delicious. It’s really simple and the result is such that any chef would it put on a resume with pride.

It’s a great option for sharing pike with friends that aren’t quite as enthusiastic about “fish for dinner” as some of the rest of us. Trust me, they’ll think twice after having this meal… and you don’t have to tell them how easy it is if you don’t want to.


Steamed Pike with Dried Tomatoes, Pine Seeds, and Olive Oil


  • 12 scallops of Pike (60gr a piece)
  • 1 Cup Olive oil (I prefer standard or Virgin versus Extra-Virgin)
  • 3 dried Tomatoes
  • 2 spoons Pine nuts
  • 3/4 Cup White Wine (your choice, I like S. Blanc)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 Tsp minced parsley

Season the scallops of pike and steam them 4 minutes.

To prepare the sauce heat the olive oil and roast the thin sliced tomatoes. Add the pine seeds and roast them lightly.

After adding the white wine reduce it all. Before seasoning the sauce add the chopped parsley.

Arrange the scallops on the plates and drape it with the sauce. Serve with side of braised strips of leek and vegetable pearls.

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