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One of the best moments of fishing is when you can see the joy it brings to young ones. It’s a great confidence builder for kids, a time to share thoughts and values; and help the “grown-ups” keep life in perspective… Like judging that catch by the size of the smile.

This week’s POW features Joey and his special catch from last week off the pier on Canandaigua Lake.

Joey in Cdga

Congratulations Joey!!

This week comes courtesy of friends at Rios Claros. This snarling monster was caught in Trevelin, which is in the Argentine province of Chubut.

20 Kilo Salmon - Rio Futaleufu

Caught by Henry Thomas on a fly called “ALASKABOU” to which he added a rattle and a second hook. In the following picture you can see the fly near the gill plate.


This week’s POW is very original. It was taken by a fellow member of Pesca y Devolución, Gabriel Candussi while fishing the Río de Avalos in Cordoba.

Love @ 1st...

Love @ 1st "site"

Evidence of an effective lure. At least the grasshopper believes it. Let’s hope the trout do too.

Fontinalis del Lago Tromen - - Photo: Alfredo Romero

Fontinalis (Brook Trout) from Lake Tromen.

Caught by “Juanpi”

End of April 2009

Neuquen, Patagonia Argentina.

Watch out Fly Gal!

Watch out Fly Gal!

We’re getting ready for fishing season to open here in Patagonia, and since we’ve got ants in our pants we took advantage of nice spring weather to practice our fly casting technique.

Alaskan Dream

Alaskan Dream

This week the picture of the week comes from one of my favorite photographers, fishermen and off-road enthusiasts, Terry Gunn.

Wendy and Terry were recently fishing in Alaska. Que envidia tengo!!

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