"Pescando con WoollyBugers"

A fellow “hermano de la pesca”, Marcelo spent his Easter Holiday in Chile fishing for trout with a good friend and guide Eduardo. He took along his son and his wife. He also had the wisdom to take along his wife’s friend. (Good move Marcelo. Sos un genio!) Marcelo’s updated his blog and invited me to share his latest adventure.


The trip took place in Coyhaique, Chile where Eduardo has his cabin. After arriving in Coyhaique they ran around picking up gear, getting some good food and traveled through the six lakes trail to the cabin hoping to get in the water before nightfall. No such luck. He couldn’t find the motor, that he’d used on his last trip out, in time to get on the water. But he was soon consoled because upon entering the cabin he found a fire already lit in the stove and suddently the evening started to look promising once again. Later he searched for the motor without luck, before deciding to enjoy the good company, laughs, food and finally falling asleep in the same room to the light of the hardwood stove and with the warmth it gave against the chill and rain outside.

Morning catch

The following day was cold and rainy and try as the might the crew couldn’t net a single trout. The second day was much the same, but on the third the skies opened up and with that came feeling of promise that often accompanies a fisherman’s instinct. That morning they were able to pull out two beautiful fish before having to cut and run for more supplies in town.

By three in the afternoon Marcelo was back on the water with Eduardo. Marcelo with a steamer and Eduardo with a dry fly.

In no time Marcelo had a big hit. The adrenalin rush and hard fight, together with the jovial spirit that is present whenever you’re fishing with good friends, got the better of Marcelo and he started teasing his buddy with a “Argentina 1 – Chile 0” chant. Marcelo should have known better because he soon lost that fish and would have to face the “serves you right” grin of Eduardo. However, Marcelo was able to save face because he was finally able to land one after Eduardo also lost his first.

Brown on streamer

Later that night they discussed the hit and miss day at the dinner table. Marcelo came up with an explanation for his lost catch. His streamers were tied with a Nymph hook and it may have been too small to set the hook properly. That seemed to work. The next morning he had much better stats. This time only one out of three escaped. That afternoon Eduardo returned for a second round to their friendly competition. Eduardo set his gear up with Ecco Classic 6, floating line (7 weight) and a Fat Albert.

The moved back to where they had lost a few in the previous competition and Eduardo was the first out with a short cast which didn’t look promising, and well, wasn’t.

Marcelo followed with a nice cast between some sticks to up the ante. The cast was near the coastline and Eduardo said, “you’re sure to get a bit there..” …. ZZAASSSSS!!  A brown came from out of nowhere and swallowed that Fat Albert whole. The fight was spectacular and to crown the moment, several fish broke water, unexpectedly jumping creating quite the spectacle.

They had finally hit on a good streak when they realized there trip was drawing to an end.

The trip ended with a round of hugs and promises to return soon.

Not a bad way to spend an Easter Holiday. Not a bad way to spend any day if you come right down to it.

Thank you Chile & Thank you Marcelo.